Rotonda Bathrooms Package






DESIGNED FOR ROTONDA BATHROOMS WITH ODD SIZE VANITIES Includes 1 toilet, 1 tub-to-shower conversion, 1 single vanity
VANITY UPGRADE, CUSTOM-SIZED FOR ROTONDA Size up to 59”, “Forevermark” brand, 15 door styles
GRANITE COUNTERTOP Custom cut -group “A” color, comes with rectangular “Kohler” sink
FLOOR & WALL TILES 12″x24″, MSI tiles installed horizontally “simple brick” pattern
TUB-TO-SHOWER, “SCHLUTER” SHOWER SYSTEM Enclosed custom showers with mosaic tile base, size varies
SLIDING GLASS SHOWER DOOR, FRAMELESS Premium sliding door, 3/8” glass “LessCare” brand, frameless
SHOWER VALVE REPLACEMENT “Kohler” pressure balancing valve



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