2022 Holiday Edition

Once a year, we like to take a break from our standard blogs to reflect.  It’s so easy to get caught up in “business as usual” and the day to day worries of being a small business.  With all the world events this year and the uncertainty surrounding the projection of our economy, I often find myself going down a rabbit hole. What if people stop renovating? What if people don’t think of us as a necessary expense?   

Then, I look through our shared drive.  We have a folder for every client and store them in a completed projects folder categorized by year.  Each address flashes an image of a family who came to us because they weren’t happy in their home.  They were tired of living in a cookie cutter, builder’s grade house and wanted to transform it into a customized space they could enjoy with their friends and family. 

I remember the very first time I met them and how frustrated they were with their houses.  Most were embarrassed about its state, apologizing for the mess and hoping I wasn’t judging them.  But I wasn’t!  When I walk into a client’s home for the first time, all I see is the potential to work together to build a space they will never have to apologize for again.

I met people in all stages of life.  From bachelors and bachlorette’s, to young couples starting their lives together, to growing families with children, to empty nesters finally focusing on themselves.  Whether they had a 20K or 200K budget, they all had a common goal to get the very most out of what they could afford to invest in their home.   

I spent weeks to months working with each family and the longer we worked together, the less it became about just building a kitchen or bathroom and the more it became about improving their quality of life.  We did a two level LVT flooring installation for a couple whose pets were destroying their woods floors and carpets.  We did a beautiful entertainment center for a recently retired woman looking forward to having her children and grandchildren over for parties.  We did a simple bathroom update for a young couple starting to turn their first house into a home.  And sadly, we managed a condo update for the family of a recently passed homeowner to help them get the property sold without having to spend their energy looking over handymen.     

Every picture in our ever-growing portfolio has a name, a story and a life forever changed by the feeling of walking into a renovated home.  Taking time to reflect on this quells the worry that people will stop renovating.  Because we’re not just renovating, we are forming relationships and improving people’s quality of life.   As we enter 2023, our goal is to continue our customer-oriented practices by continuing to keep our focus on building relationships.  Whether the economy soars or sinks, if we remember why we’re in the business, we’ll always be able to find someone who wants their home to be a place of peace, tranquility, and rest. 

We hope you enjoy this holiday season with your loved ones and hope you’ll take time to reflect on everything you’ve accomplished this year.  We wish you all the best and can’t wait to see who joins the Mayflower family next year!


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