"Is a DIY Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation for Me"? Part One

As much as a DIY kitchen or bathroom renovation contradicts our business model, we do realize it’s a popular alternative to hiring a design-build firm like us.  With all the home improvement shows and YouTube tutorials making it look fun and easy, many prospective remodelers explore this option.  In theory, you save a ton of money and only have to invest your time acting as your own project manager.   

So, let’s talk about it!  What does it take to run a successful renovation and what really goes on behind the scenes?  Is it really that hard to pinterest an idea, find similar materials, and hire a few guys to build it?  From someone who’s very involved with the management of major renovations, I’ve come up with 10 questions you’ll need to seriously consider before going the DIY route.   

10 questions you’ll need to seriously consider before going the DIY route.
  1. Can I make a design and select my own materials
  2. Do I have a connection for good quality materials?
  3. Do I have the ability to hire my own field team?
  4. Can I build a construction schedule and manage it myself?
  5. And I willing to be my own ordering department?
  6. Do I have a basic understanding of construction and can I catch mistakes before they happen?
  7. Can I pull permits and manage my own inspections?
  8. Am I prepared for delays?
  9. Am I prepared for change orders?
  10. Am I willing to live with mistakes and without a warranty?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, you might be a good candidate for a DIY renovation.  But before you jump in, stay tuned for part two of this blog where we’ll think through each of these questions and what answering “yes” to them really means.  Our clients hire Mayflower so they can trust an experienced contractor to handle everything for them.  They want to know that someone is making sure they get a quality construction built to last for the life of their home and they want it delivered on time and on budget without having to be actively involved in daily construction.  If you’d like to explore the costs of hiring a professional, give Mayflower a call!


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