This is for clients who think just because their bathroom is small, their budget should also be small. A small space can have all the luxuries of a large bathroom. We want clients to understand which ideas on the bathroom remodels they see online will add expense to their project and how a small bathroom can easily rise in costs. After reading the blog, they should have a more realistic expectation of how many of their ideas can fit into their budget. A recommended format would be what a 20-30K, 30-40K, and a 50-60K remodel.

15-25K Bathroom Budget

Items that Increase Budget:

-electrical work (exhaust replacement, recessed lighting, adding or adjusting outlets, etc.)

-prep work (drywall repair/replacement, insulation replacement, subfloor repair/replacement, floor or wall leveling)

-tile work (smaller format tile like subway wall tile, tile that needs to form a specific pattern like the encaustic tile on their floor, shower recessed niches and soap dishes)

-materials (high-end plumbing fixtures family and finishes – more popular colors and styles are more expensive, shower system (simple head vs. handshower), higher-end tub for more soaking depth or more contemporary styling, quartz countertop, recessed medicine cabinet, grab bars, tub doors)

25-35K Bathroom Budget

Elevated bathroom’s budget with these upgrades:

-lighting adjustment

-custom designed vanity

-custom cut countertop

-tub to shower conversion

-tiled shower base as opposed to shower pan

35-45K Bathroom Budgetv

Elevated bathroom’s budget with these upgrades:

-backlit mirror

-full wall of tile behind vanity

-bench behind tub

-tiling on side of tub

-non square floor tile

-floating vanity

-designer level cabinetry

45-55K Bathroom Budget


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