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What Goes into Picking Kitchen Materials

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, your material selection will be just as important as the physical placement of all your cabinets.  You want to create a kitchen within your budget that is the perfect mix of style and functionality.  You also want your new kitchen to feel and look cohesive with the rest of your home if you are not planning to renovate your entire main level to match your new kitchen.  In this blog, we’ll break down the major kitchen material selections and what to keep in mind as you plan your dream renovation. 


The first thing you’ll need to do is choose a manufacturer that has the best mix of quality and customizability for your budget.  I recommend selecting a reputable contractor first and then picking from within the manufacturers they offer as a sturdy kitchen is more about the experience of your design team and installer than the actual cabinet itself.  Most reputable contractors should have a range of several lines to choose between from stock cabinets to designer level.  Once you’ve selected your cabinetry line, you’ll need to identify the best line and door style within the manufacturer to match your style and your home.  Then you’ll need to select a primary color and a secondary color if appropriate for your kitchen.  If a secondary color is appropriate, you’ll need to determine which cabinets will feature the accent color. Finally, you’ll need to determine the best functionality inside your cabinets and pick appropriate inserts and organizers to make your kitchen convenient and fully functional. 


First, you’ll need to pick a manufacturer that works for your budget and a fabricator with a good reputation.  If you’ve already selected a contractor, they should guide you in the right direction as they will be familiar with the best brands and the best fabricators in your area.  Then you’ll need to decide which material is best for you based on your style, the anticipated usage of your counters and your budget.  Once your material has been selected, you’ll need to choose a color that works well with your overall design.  If you’ve chosen an accent island, you may be selecting two different colors within the same kitchen. If you’re doing a natural stone or a manmade stone with heavy veining, you’ll need to visit a countertop showroom to hand pick your specific lot and slab number.  Finally, you’ll need to select the appropriate edge for your overall design.


You’ll need to select a material that flows with the rest of your home and that fits with your budget.  For example, wood in the kitchen might be trending but if it requires the expense of refinishing your entire main level, stairs and railings, a nicely styled tile with a transition may work best.  As another example, homes with heavy traffic/kids/pets may opt for a luxury vinyl tile over real wood.  Once you’ve selected the material, you’ll need to pick a color and installation pattern that complements the rest of your kitchen and the surrounding rooms. 

Kitchen Renovation


You’ll need to select a material, installation pattern, and color that goes with your style and the rest of your materials.  If your counter is the star of your kitchen, you’ll probably want to keep it simple with a full height backsplash or a very subtle tile.  Likewise, a kitchen with a simple white countertop might get more creative with a stunning mosaic pattern or a handmade custom tile design.  Taking your backsplash design one step further will involve selecting an appropriate feature tile to accent your range and hood area.  Your designer will help you determine which element of your kitchen will be the “star” or you may choose to keep the entire kitchen very neutral. 


Lighting material and placement is one of the most important choices you’ll make in your new kitchen.  There’s no point in building a stunning kitchen that suffers due to bad lighting.  At the minimum, you’ll need a recessed lighting plan that highlights your new kitchen design while maintaining symmetry with the rest of your home if you have an open floor plan.  Taking it a step further would be spotlighting with island/peninsula hanging pendants or wall mounted decorative lights to complement open shelving or windows.  Lastly, you’ll need to select cabinet lighting to highlight glass fronted cabinets and to go beneath your wall cabinets.   If in your budget, you might also consider toe kick and recessed LED ceiling lighting.  Your construction team will be instrumental in helping you select appropriate lighting and placement.   


You’ll need to select the best brand for your budget and cooking needs.  You’ll then need to select the specific appliances to give you an adequate mixture of cooking and storage.  Your selections will be tailored to how active you’ll be in your new kitchen and its size.  For instance, a small galley kitchen might be best suited for a range with an over the range microwave verses having a cooktop, double oven, and a built-in microwave all in separate locations.  Your designer will help you determine the best mix and sizes of appliances to meet your cooking needs while still giving you enough cabinet storage.    

Decorative Elements

After your kitchen is styled, it’s nice to wrap it with purely decorative elements such as open shelving, glass doors, molding, décor paneling, and specialty cabinets that complement your overall design.  Your designer will be vital here as they will understand your options within the cabinetry line you’ve selected, what will fit into your budget and the best placement in your design.  You’ll also need to select your faucet and sink style and a hardware line sized appropriately to each cabinet in your design.  Finally, you’ll select all your finishes, paint and grout colors throughout the entire space.          

Kitchen Remodeling

As you can see, quite a bit of thought goes into designing your dream kitchen remodel.  It can be very overwhelming to try to do this on your own so I always recommend starting your renovation planning by selecting the company you’ll work with.  With their expertise, you’ll feel confident in your selections and know you’re not missing anything or making irreversible decisions you might later regret.  If you’re ready to start designing your new kitchen, give Mayflower Construction a call and speak with one of our project coordinators!


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