A Holiday Letter from Mayflower

As we approach the holiday season, we decided to take a break from our regularly scheduled blogs to focus on aspects of renovating that aren’t as frequently discussed.  Remodeling is one of the biggest home improvement industries in our country that allows many small contractors an opportunity for tremendous success with the right business plan and team.  Likewise, it allows homeowners to transform their living spaces into gorgeous rooms worthy of being featured in magazines and social media profiles. 

It’s so easy to get caught up on the business side of renovating!  As homeowners, we might spend 20-50K on a bathroom and 50-100K+ on our dream kitchen.  We want to make the most out of every penny we spend and choose a design that is trendy yet timeless to ultimately improve our resale value. On the contractor side, we want to maximize our profit by completing each renovation as efficiently as possible.  We also want to keep our clients happy during the experience, so we continue to gain a positive reputation in our service area.    

But what is the true reason renovating is so popular?  90% of the homes we visit on a first consultation are functioning just fine.  Some are even expertly designed but getting a little dated.  So why do we invest enough money into our kitchens, bathrooms, and general living spaces to create an entire industry focused on fixing something that really isn’t broken?

It’s the same reason why every December we put up decorated trees, put wreaths on our doors, string lights in our front yards, hang stockings on our mantles, and throw holiday pillows on our couches.  These sentimental traditions we’ve developed as a country make us feel good when we enter our homes.  They make us want to take a break from life and focus on creating memories with our friends and family.  They make us want to host holiday parties, have hot chocolate and movie nights around the fireplace, and decorate cookies and gingerbread houses. 

This same holiday spirit is ultimately at the heart of renovating.  We renovate to improve our quality of life.  Having a home that we absolutely love makes us want to be there and makes us want to invite others into our space.  Renovating gets us back to the heart of why we worked so hard to buy a house in the first place: to make our tiny stamp in the universe in a place we transform until it feels like home.   

Our wish for you this holiday season is to take time to focus on making your home the best it can be in its current state.  Whether it’s perfectly renovated or not quite there yet, we hope you make the most amazing memories with your friends and families and truly enjoy yourself as we reach the end of another year. 

We are so very grateful for every family who renovated with us this year and we hope the kitchens and bathrooms our team worked so tirelessly to build are coming to life this holiday season.  And while we can’t wait to get back to planning for our 2022 renovations, we’re glad to take some time think about the reason we got into the remodeling industry!

Wishing you all the best!

Mayflower Construction



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