“How to Choose a Countertop Part Three"

In today’s blog, we’ll continue our countertop discussion.  In parts one and two, we reviewed the pros and cons of natural stone and discussed the most popular types you can select between.  We’ll now move on to the most popular type of countertop material: manmade stone.  Manmade stone has come a long way since it was first introduced on the market.  What used to be the plain, cheap formica has now become very high-quality stone that can be nearly identical in look to its natural stone counterpart if you select a higher end brand.

Manmade stone is requested by my clients mainly for the ease of maintenance.  In high traffic areas of your home, the last thing you want to worry about is having to be delicate with your counters.  Manmade countertops are great in kitchens with a lot of cooking and baking or teenage and guest bathrooms with makeup and hair products.  Now with all the colors and styles available, there are almost no cons to selecting a natural stone.  They are stain and heat resistant and sometimes even proof with the newer porcelain and sintered stone options. 

It’s also great for people with specific style and color requirements that do not occur in nature.  The beauty of a manmade stone is you can print anything you can imagine on it.  If you want to play with solid color neutrals or unique patterns, you can find a company that makes the perfect complement to your design.  Alternatively, if you’re drawn towards patterns that only occur in very soft, fragile stones, a manmade stone is a great way to mimic your favorite stone without the added maintenance.

Cost is another pro of choosing a manmade stone.  While manmade stone is generally more expensive than a cheap granite countertop, manmade stones that imitate natural stone will typically be significantly less expensive than getting the natural equivalent.  With quartz, you can get the look of a high-end exotic stone without the price tag. 

The only real con of a manmade stone, in my opinion, is exactly that: it’s manmade!  While we humans are pretty good with a printer, there’s nothing as stunning as the real thing.  Countertop shopping is my favorite thing to do with my clients during the design phase because it’s fascinating seeing what we are able to pull from the earth.  It never gets old as every slab is unique and there are always new collections that are stunning.  Putting this into your kitchen makes it unique, personal, and real.  No printer can compete with the beauty and intrigue of a natural stone.

No matter how beautiful it is, natural stone isn’t always the right choice for price and usability. If you’re considering faux stone, stay tuned for updates on our next blog, where we’ll discuss the most popular types on the market. And, as always, contact the consultants at Mayflower Construction to help you choose the perfect countertop for you!   


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